Couching Lion Maple Sugar Farm

Small Batch, Wood Fired

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Couching Lion Sugar Farm is located on the western slopes of the Green Mountains, in Huntington, Vermont. Our farm is named for Vermont's iconic mountain, Camel's Hump. Or, as explorer Samuel de Champlain called it, "Le Lion Couchant," or Couching Lion. 

Our sap is harvested from sugar maples in early spring. It is then boiled in small batches on a wood fired arch. We ship our syrup to family and friends all over the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska! 

Stewardship of our beautiful sugarbush is important to us and our forest management practices reflect an appreciation for native wildlife. We're pleased to be designated as a bird-friendly sugarbush by Audubon of Vermont!

Please visit our web store to see how you can order some Couching Lion syrup for your family!

Big, beautiful trees on a snowy day.


Party favor size makes a great gift.


Wood fired syrup requires a lot of stacking!


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