Old Fashioned Maple Syrup

From our trees to your table!

A sugarbush nestled in the foothills of Vermont’s iconic mountain, The Couching Lion.

Today, many know our mountain as Camel’s Hump, but four hundred years ago, explorer Samuel de Champlain used “Le Lion Couchant,” or “Couching Lion” to describe Vermont’s second highest peak. We love the image of a lion couching, or resting, and looking over our sugar maples. Learn more about our stewardship practices and family sugaring history.

Hard work pays off…..

Why does our maple syrup taste so good? At Couching Lion Maple Sugar Farm, we are accustomed to hearing customers assert this syrup is far more flavorful, nuanced and delicious than their store bought variety. The secret is in the small batches, evaporated over a wood fired arch. Large producers use fuel oil to evaporate excess water from sap. Our wood fired syrup cooks longer with wood as a fuel source which creates an uncommonly delicious, buttery, caramelized flavor.

Sustainable Practices….

We care deeply about our sugarbush and the surrounding acreage and have taken steps to insure its health and productivity. The property is protected from future development through the Vermont Land Trust and managed through Vermont’s Current Use Program. We are enrolled in Audubon’s Bird Friendly Maple Project and take great measures to ensure migratory songbirds always have a place in our sugarbush! An important step toward supporting sound environmental practices is buying from bird friendly maple producers. Learn more below!

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Our maple syrup is derived from 100% pure, naturally organic, maple sap. Nothing is added as it boils over a hardwood fire. From our delicious syrup we create specialty items like Maple Sugar Spice blends and Maple Granulated Sugar.

Shop Our Maple Products In Person!

Our maple syrup products are available for self serve pick up at our kiosk at 223 Aestivalis Hill, Huntington, Vermont. You’ll find plastic and glass containers in all sizes. If you’d like something else from our site, we’ll leave a a bag with your name on it. Pay via check, cash, Venmo or request an invoice and pay with a credit card.


Rustic Maple Apple Compote

Rustic Maple Apple Compote Maple syrup and Vermont apples are a classically delicious combination. This recipe combines the two to create a chunky, rustic compote. It’s delicious on its own or serve with ice cream, yogurt and a sprinkle of granola or as a side with savory dishes. You can choose to peel the apples…

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“This is the BEST maple syrup I have had from Vermont! The flavor is much more complex than other syrups…almost buttery….” -Bethany, Washington D.C.

“Our maple syrup arrived today, well packaged in recyclable paper. We love that! When we tried the syrup we were blown away! Small batch really makes a difference! Heidi W., San Francisco CA.

“This chocolate sauce is unbelievable! First, I love how it is sweetened with only maple syrup and maple sugar, then the backstory of the chocolate from the bird sanctuary is amazing and finally the taste! My only regret is that I did not order 2 bottles! Geoffrey F., Portland, Oregon.

“Thank you Matt and Chaska for your continued efforts to protect bird habitat while still producing a stellar product. We love buying our maple syrup from a Bird Friendly farm! Sandy G., Wyoming

“I just received my order, full of perfect gifts for my clients and friends. I can’t wait to share the maple sugar spices and beautiful little glass leaves. I appreciate your careful packing and was thrilled to see you avoid using bubble wrap!” Francoise L. Little Rock, Arkansas

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