August 2, 2019 | Sweet

Maple Sugar Waffle Bowls

When the 5th graders at the Sustainability Academy needed a vessel for their
maple ice cream, we thought about buying cones. This idea was quickly struck
down as traditional ice cream cones are made with white sugar. After weeks of researching the added health, environmental and local benefits of using maple
sugar, we knew we needed to get creative and make our own. My mother’s pizzelle iron made adorable little waffles which we shaped into bowls using a muffin tin. I later purchased a waffle cone maker which creates a nice, uniform cone. Another great thing about this recipe is it uses the egg whites left over from the ice cream. Enjoy!

1 C granulated maple sugar
4 lrg egg whites
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
4 Tbsp butter melted
1 C all-purpose flour

I used a blender to create a nice, uniform batter. A little bit goes a long way in a waffle
cone or pizelle maker. Butter or oil the iron and cook to medium brown. Shape into a
cone by rolling the two sides together and leaving a tip. The bowl can be shaped in a
muffin tin or by draping over a drinking glass bottom. Enjoy with maple ice cream!