August 1, 2019 | Featured Recipe, Sweet

Sugar on Snow

Winter is long and cold in Vermont and the advent of sugaring season is worthy of celebration! As soon as the first batch of syrup is complete, Vermont kids are asking that it be cooked just a little longer to create a thick, sticky stream. The candy firms into fabulous threads as soon as it hits the snow. The truly hardy kids will eat it outdoors by a fire!

To make for your own kids or friends with a serious sweet tooth:

  1. Have a pan of hard packed snow ready. You can have individual dishes as well. Keep the pan outside to keep cold while you prepare the syrup.
  2.  Boil 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup until it reaches 235°F on a candy thermometer (the soft-ball stage).
  3.  Remove the syrup from the heat and immediate drizzle it over the packed snow. Be careful — the syrup will be very hot. Allow it to cool for a moment, and then enjoy! If you live in a climate where snow is not available, try drizzling the syrup over a bowl of ice. The immediate chilling effect will be the same!